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TEC Certificate Registration

People nowadays think it’s very hard to get CSC registration when they hear about CSC centers. So many people don’t have the right information about it, or if they do have the information, they think that it’s impossible to pass the TEC certificate exam. For these type of reasons, people try to use some kind of tricks to pass the CSC exam, or, want to register themselves for CSC without a certificate.

We’re going to educate you about how you can get register for the CSC center, payment method, approval of ID, and passing out the TEC exam. According to the new update from the CSC center, the TEC certificate has been made mandatory, if anyone wants to open his/her own CSC center. Let’s move to the application process of TEC. Follow the simple and focus on the images to avoid any problems.

Visit the official website of the CSC center which is register.csc.gov.in. Go to the Apply option, given in the header menu, and click on the TEC certificate, and you’ll be redirected to its official website.

TEC Online Apply
TEC Online Registration Process

When you land on the TEC official website, you’ll see a Login With Us option. Click on that option and a registration button will appear on your screen. Click on the registration button, and a TEC registration form will appear on your screen.

TEC Login
TEC Login

On that registration form, you need to fill in the required information about yourself e.g. Name, Mobile Number (Linked with Aadhar Card), Email, Address, etc. After that, upload your passport-size photo, and click on the submit button.

TEC Registration Form
Registration Form

After submitting the required details, the system will ask you to provide your bank details, in order to make payment for the Certificate. There are so many transaction methods, choose which one suits you and enter the account details accordingly. The amount for the certification will be 1479.72 INR.

TEC Payment Method
Payment Method

Once your payment verification would’ve been succeeded, a system-generated receipt will be shown on your screen. Take a printout of that receipt and copy the TEC Certificate Number because you need it for login purposes. Make sure you click on the Send Anyway button when the pop-up will appear on your screen.

TEC Payment Receipt
Payment Receipt

Congrats! Your TEC Certificate Registration Process has been completed. Let’s move the TEC Certificate Login Process.

Click on the Login With Us option again, and hit on the login button. When you do that, the system will ask you to provide the login credentials. Now, enter your TEC number in the username section and mobile number in the password section, and click on the login button. After providing the correct logins, you’ll have access to the CSC portal.

TEC Login
TEC Login

When you’ve got access to the TEC portal, click on the Learning option and learning modules will be shown on your screen. You’ll have 3 attempts to pass the exam and have 10 modules to pass.

The best option is to read or watch videos of modules carefully in order to pass the exam. You can watch videos also if you don’t want to read the modules. Videos are available in English and Hindi.

Exam Modules
TEC Exam Modules

Now that you’ve read all the modules carefully and you’re ready to pass the Certification exam. Keep in mind that, from 10 questions in each module, you’ll have to answer correctly 3 of them.

Click on the Assessment option and all the assessments will appear on your screen which you need to pass. Start from the 1st one. Click on the lock option to start the exam. Answer each question within one minute.

TEC Certificate Modules test
TEC Modules Test


  After passing out all the modules, you’ll have to give the final exam to get the certificate. To qualify for the exam, click on the Take Exam button which is given at the button of the above-mentioned modules, and the system will ask you to select your language. Select which suits you and click on the submit option.

Certification Final Exam
Final Exam

To give the exam, you need to download the CSC browser. Hit on the Click here button, and the CSC browser file will be downloaded. Install that file on your laptop, and the app will open on your screen.

CSC Secure Browser
CSC Secure Browser

When the app opens on your screen, a pop-up will be shown on your screen named Open Safe Exam Browser. Click on the Open Safe Exam Browser button and the system will ask you to take a live picture of your face.

Open your laptop’s camera, and hit on the Click Your Image button. Make sure your laptop’s camera is clean because your exam will be rejected if you wouldn’t take a clear picture.

Applicant's Live verification for TEC Certificate
Applicant’s Live Verification

In the next step, you’ll have to provide the live picture of the ID card, and the same procedure will be followed for it. After providing the correct information, a tick mark will appear at the bottom of your verification details, and the test instructions page will appear on your screen.

After passing out the final test, again you need to login to the TEC official website. Click again on the Login With Us option and enter your login credentials. When you enter the portal, the certificate will appear on your screen along with the download option in it.

If the certificate does not appear on the dashboard, then you’ll have to wait for 1 week. It’ll appear after the complete verification by the government. After that, you can download the certificate from the portal and register yourself for CSC registration.

TEC Certification Download
TEC Certification Download

You can download the certificate, or take a printout of it. Now this TEC number will help you to register in the CSC registration. If you want to know how you can register yourself for CSC registration, then you can visit this article: CSC Registration Digital Seva Kendra 2023

TEC Certificate
TEC Certification

Documents Required for TEC Certificate

Complete documentation is the most important part of the registration for the certification. Make sure that the below-mentioned documents are completed by your side during the registration process.

  • Aadhar Card Number
  • Mobile Number (Linked with Aadhar Card)
  • Email ID
  • Bank Account Details
  • Applicant’s Photo (PDF)
  • Address Proof

TEC Eligibility Criteria for VLE

  • The Applicant should be a local resident.
  • The applicant’s minimum age should be 18 years.
  • Applicant must’ve passed with 10th level examination from a recognized board.
  • Applicant should be fluent in reading and writing the local language, and also have basic level knowledge of the English language.
  • Basic knowledge of computer skills would be an advantage.
  • The applicant should be motivated enough to be the prime driver of social change and disperse his/her duties with utmost dedication.
  • Applicant must’ve got a budget of around 60,000 INR to build a CSC center.

What is TEC Certificate

The TEC full form is Telecentre Entrepreneur Course and its Certification has been made mandatory if you want to open your own CSC center. The VLEs need to pass the certification exam in order to get the certificate. You can apply for the exam by visiting its official website and by paying the fees an amount of 1479.72 INR. Once you’ve got the TEC number, then you can apply for the CSC center. (If you’re an Indian citizen and unaware of PM Yojana then you also visit PMYojanaawareness).

How to Check the TEC Certificate Status

If you’ve attempted the exam and it’s been 2-3 days and the TEC Certificate download option is not available yet, then you can check its status through an online process. For this, you’ll need your TEC ID and its password. First of all, visit the official website of TEC and click on the Login With Us button.

Now enter your login details and hit on the login button and the Portal’s dashboard will come into sight. Click on the Take Test option after selecting the Assessment option. When you click on the said button, the system will ask you to select your language. You can select which suits you and hit on the submit button. 

A pop-up window will appear on your screen with a message in it. If a message says that your TEC exam is already passed then you don’t have to worry. The exam certificate will appear on the dashboard within a week. But, if it says that your exam is failed, then you need to attempt again in order to pass the exam and get the certificate for CSC registration.

Certificate Status Check
Certificate Status Check

How to Change the Name in the TEC Certificate

Those who mistakenly submitted the wrong name while registering for the certificate. It’s to inform you that, you can’t change the name or can’t even do any type of changes to your registration. The only solution to this problem is to visit the official website of TEC and contact the TEC Certificate helpline number, or, email them to resolve your issue.


If you’ve got a small amount of saving and want to start a profitable business, then CSC is the best option for you. To open the CSC center, you need to get the certificate. Without the certificate, you can’t register yourself in CSC as VLE. To get the certificate, you need to pass the exam and pay the fee. You can’t give the exam without paying the fees, or, you can’t get the certificate without passing the exam.


The cost of obtaining the certificate is 1479.72 INR.

Yes, if you want to open your own CSC center then this certificate can be earned online by passing its test.

The certificate is mandatory in order to register for the CSC program.

The helpline number of TEC is +91 9625679885 & +91 7800080439.

The Email address is [email protected].

The Eligibility criteria have been discussed in the above section of this article. You can check it.

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