PHH Ration Card

PHH Ration Card

If you’re one of those citizens who’ve their own house but don’t have any source of income to buy food for your family then this Ration Card is the perfect fit for you. The full form of the PHH Ration Card is the “Priority Household” Ration Card. The government has launched this to financially help those citizens who own a house but don’t have any stable income.

It doesn’t matter which state or village you belong to. You can apply for this card anywhere in India. you just have to confirm that the PHH scheme is implemented in your area. For those who’ve got a BPL Ration Card then it is to inform them that, PHH Ration Card is equal to BPL and APL Ration Card. However, PHH is somehow similar to AYY Ration Card.

Do You Know?

The BPL and APL ration cards are been replaced by the PHH card.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can apply online for PHH Ration Card, how you can download it in PDF form, and its benefits. Read the article carefully to avoid any problems in the registration process, if you want to buy food for your family at subsidized rates.

Inclusion Guidelines

  • This card is available to families with transgender members.
  • A person with more than 40% disability, can apply for this card.
  • All households belong to primitive tribal groups.
  • A person with no shelter can apply for this card.
  • A family with a widow pension holder in it can also apply for the Ration Card.
  • Households comprising destitute who are living on alms.

Exclusion Guidelines

  • Any household with a pucca roof and a minimum of 3 rooms with pucca walls.
  • Income taxpayers.
  • If a person lives in a rural area and earns 20,000 rupees a month, is not eligible for this card.
  • If a person lives in an urban area and earns 30,000 rupees a month, is not eligible for this card.
  • Household with a regular employee – gazetted or non-gazetted of State Government, Central Government, Public Sector Undertakings, Government aided local and autonomous bodies.
  • Households with a domestic electric connection that consumes up to 2 KW (300 units of energy) KWH on a monthly bases.
  • A household has a two, or four-wheeler vehicle, or heavy truck.
  • Households with mechanized agricultural equipment such as tractors, and harvesters.
  • Those who’ve Bihar Ration Card, can’t Register themselves for the PHH card.

How to Apply Online for PHH Ration Card

There are a few simple steps that you need to follow in order to apply online for the PHH ration card and make sure you’re focusing on the images also for better understanding. The Steps are as follows:

First of all, visit the official website of one nation one ration card which is, click on the sign-in/register option, and hit on the public login option, given at the top-right corner of the screen.

PHH Card Online Registration Portal
Registration Process

A registration page will open, and in order to make a new ration card, click on the New user sign up here option and you’ll be redirected to the registration form which you need to fill up.

Sign up for registration
Sign up for Registration

On the registration page, you need to fill in the required details correctly. Keep in mind that, while making the Login ID, insert numbers after your name so it can get approved easily. After providing the correct details, tick marks the terms and condition option and then hit on the submit button.

PHH Ration Card Registration Form for New User
Registration Form for New User

An OTP will be received on the mobile number which is linked with your aadhar card. Enter that OTP in the needed section and click on the submit button. When you implement the said procedure, your registration will be completed. Now you need to login for further process.

OTP Verification for Registration
OTP Verification

Go back to the sign-in/register option to log in with an Aadhar number. Enter your aadhar number as shown in the image below, the captcha code in the required section, and hit on the generate OTP button. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number, enter that OTP in the needed section and click on the USE OTP button, and you’ll have access to the portal.

PHH login Process
Login Process

When you’ve logged on to the portal. Go to the Common Registration Facility, and click on the New Registration option then the system will ask you to select your state. Do the needful and hit on the submit button.

State Selection for Priority Household ration card
State Selection for Priority Household Ration Card

In this step, you need to provide the details which you want to be shown on your Ration Card. To do that, select Priority Household (PHH) as your ration card, and select ration in the section of Beneficiary Type.

After that, you need to provide your personal details e.g. Name, Name in Hindi, Family Details, Photo, Mobile Number, Voter ID Card Number, etc. After entering the needful information correctly, click on the save and continue option, and your first stage of registration will be completed.

PHH Card Details
PHH Ration Card Details

In the second stage of registration, you need to enter your permanent and present address details. If the present address is same as the permanent one, then you can enter it twice. Click on the save and continue button after providing the correct information about your address.

PM Yojana Awareness
Applicant Address Details
Applicant Address Details

Now that the 2 stages of registration have been completed, let’s move to the 3rd one. In the 3rd stage, you’ll need to provide your caste details, Gas and Electricity details, Bank details, Physical details, and Critical Illness details. Keep in mind that, you need to tick mark the option first, in order to enter that detail. Enter all the details and hit on the save and continue button again.

Applicant Personal Details
Applicant Personal Details

Now that you’ve entered the details of your head of the family, repeat the same procedure for the rest of the family members. When you are done adding all the family member’s details, click again on the save and continue button for further process.

PM Yojana Awareness
Add Family Members
Add Family Members

In the 2nd last step, the system will ask you some questions. You need to answer NO of all the asked questions because if you show less income in the registration process, it’ll increase more chances of approval.

PM Yojana Awareness Picture
Device for Contact

In the last step, you need to select your ration card shop, where you can visit that shop monthly and collect your ration at subsidized rates. Select the shop which is close to your house, tick mark the option, and hit on the save button.

Select Ration Dealer Shop
Select Ration Dealer Shop

Congrats! Your Ration Card registration has been completed successfully. Now the system will assign you an application number, and with the help of that number, you can check its application status.

PHH Ration Card Online Apply
Applicant Number
Application Number

PHH Ration Card Status Check

You haven’t heard anything about the status of your ration Card for weeks now. Don’t worry, you’ll know it after reading this article to the end. In this year of technology, checking its current status is easier than ever. Just read the article carefully and focus on the image for better understanding.

To check the status of your new ration card, visit the official website of the one nation one ration card which is, and click on the Sign-in/Register option. Now enter your login details to get access to the portal. When you logged in to the portal, go to the Common Registration facility, and select Registration status. 

When you do the said procedure, the system will show you the current status of the ration card. You can verify that the ration card is approved or in a pending state. Also, you can get your ration card number, and once you’ll get it, you also can download the ration card, show it to your ration dealer, and get the ration at subsidized rates.

Status Check and Download Ration Card
Checking the Status of the Ration Card

PHH Ration Card Colour

The colour of the ration card may vary from state to state because of its features. Usually, the colour of the PHH ration card is either pink or yellow. But, states who’ve adopted NFSA, stop issuing color ration cards. Now they are issuing cards according to NFSA, and that is, AYY, PHH, and NPHH cards. ( If you belong to the unorganized sector, then you can register in the E-Shram Card scheme and can get government jobs).

Ration Card Category Change

Changing the category of your ration card can be done online in just a few steps but keep in mind that, if your changing the category of your ration card, then the system will automatically change the category of all the family members on that ration card. For example: if you want to change your category from NPHH to PHH, then the system will automatically change NPHH to PHH for all the family members. 

First of all, visit the official website of the Department of Food & Supplies. Scroll down until the Ration Card option will be visible on the left side of your screen. Click on the ration card option, and then click on the Check The Status of Your Ration Card option. Now on the next page, enter your ration card number, select the new category, fill in the captcha code, and hit on the search button. When you do that, the system will let you know that your ration card category has been changed to a new one.

Ration Card Category Change
Ration Card Category Change

PHH Ration Card Benefits

  • PHH Cardholders will get 5kg of food per person per month.
  • The subsidized price for PHH cardholders will be Rs. 3 per kg for rice, Rs. 2 per kg for wheat, and Rs. 1 per kg for coarse grains.
  • Cardholders can register themselves in other government schemes e.g. PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, PM Awas Yojana, etc.
  • Applicants can register themselves in other schemes that are run by the government, and get employment opportunities, especially for women.
  • Those who don’t have cooking gas in their houses but have the ration card, can also register themselves in Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana for subsidized cooking gas connection.
  • The ration card will be needed for making a driving license.
  • Applicants can show their ration card to their ration card dealer, and get food at subsidized rates.
  • This card can also be used for identification proof if anyone wants to apply for a PAN card.
  • Applicants can use this card for opening a new bank account.
  • If you’re a kisan and have a PHH ration card then you can check your PM Kisan Beneficiary Status by entering the ration card number.

PHH Ration Card Eligibility

  • If you’ve got a land of 5 or more than 5 arcs, then you’re not eligible for the ration card.
  • If your house measurements are greater than 100 square meters, then you’re not eligible for this card.
  • If you belong to a village, and your family income is more than 2,00,000 rupees per year, then you’re not eligible for the ration card.
  • If you belong to a city, and your family income is more than 3,00,000 rupees per year, then you’re not eligible for this ration card.
  • If you or one of your family members is in a government job, then you and your family are not eligible for this ration card.
  • The PHH ration card income limit is 2,00,000 rupees per year for rural areas.
  • The PHH ration card income limit is 3,00,000 rupees per year for urban areas.

PHH Ration Card Update

There’s big good news for the PHH Ration Card holders related to the ration. The government has increased the 10 KG ration for each household. For example: if a family has 3 members and they got a 15 KG ration each month then they’ll get a 25 KG ration from now on.

A press conference was held by LG Manoj Sinha and in that particular press conference he said, 5 KG ration per person is not enough, that’s why we’re increasing the ration per family. If a family has 2 members and they’re taking a 5 KG ration per person according to the national food security act. But from now on, that family can take a 20 KG ration. If a family has 3 members and they’re taking a 15 KG ration, then from now on they can take a 10 KG additional ration.

But If a family has 6 or more than 6 members then that family will only take 5 KG additional ration. The total budget of the additional ration is 180 crore. The Kashmir government will buy ration from the central government at 34 rupees per ration and will provide a 9 rupees subsidy to Jammu & Kashmir people.


The PHH ration card is for those who’ve their own house but don’t have any income for food. Their house measurements will not be greater than 100 square meters. These types of applicants can register themselves in the PHH ration card scheme and get food from your ration dealer at subsidized rates. They also can apply for other schemes which are developed by the government and take its benefits as well. BPL and APL cards are replaced by the PPH card.


PHH full form in ration card is Priority Household and this type of ration card is for people who are in APL and BPL categories. If a person has a house but doesn’t have any source of income then this ration is for them.

PHH ration is the replacement of BPL and APL ration cards. You can also consider your BPL or APL card as PHH.

The document requirements may vary depending on the state government requirements. Generally, the applicant must have an aadhar card, Bank Account, PDF Photo, Adress Details, and other relevant documents.

No, if you have a ration card then you can’t apply for this card.

The full form of PHH is Priority Household and its meaning is, those citizens who’ve their own house but don’t have any source of income.

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